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Izh-25 was a clay gun version of the Izh-12 O/U. It was available in Trap or Skeet variants, with ventilated rib and vent holes in the fore-end, and a single trigger. The action was the standard Izh-12 action, until 1973, when a slightly reinforced Izh-27 action began to be used. Izh-25 was to fill the niche of an introduction level gun for beginners and amateurs; sportspeople who took part in national and international competitions were entitled to MTs guns. Yet, Larissa Gurvich won five World Skeet Championships with Izh-25 (apparently, she had a new gun made every three years or so).

The gun pictured here is unusual in that it was neither sold in the USSR, nor exported by the usual channels, but was a gift from a Sovied trade representative to his counterpart in New Zealand, as the plaque testifies. This is not, however, and upgrade version as I once thought, as this engraving seems to come standard on Izh-25. It was achieved, I believe, by electrochemical removal of metal, with the deeper cavities filled with aluminum (electrochemically as well) to give the picture a bit of a background.


Izh 25 Trap came with 750-mm barrels choked 1 mm and 1.25 mm (Full and X-Full). Izh-25 Skeet had 675-mm long barrels, choked .25 mm (IC) under ane either a Tula choke or .5 mm (Mod) over. There’s a lifehack for Izh-25 Skeet owners, as the designers of the gun regulated the balance with the help of an extra-heavy crossbolt which fixes the stock. This makes the gun too muzzle-light for most, but, if you replace the original crossbolt with the regular one for MP27, it will make the gun a good 6 once lighter and also add some weight forward, welcome for such short barrels. With .5 mm in the over barrel, the Izh-25 will thus become a very useful upland gun.


4 thoughts on “Izh-25

  1. Immo Willner says:

    Dear Aleksei, I am a very big fan of your page, and I love russian guns. My name is Immo, and I live in France for the moment. Last year I found a second hand IZH 25 in the Trap version and it is a beautyful gun of high quality. Do you know if barrels between the IZH 25 and IZH 12 are interchangeable (with a little work from a gunmaker)? I am thinking about buying a cheap IZH 12 to get a second barrel. The idea is to cut this one to get a barrel for Skeet. Could this work? Thanks a lot and kind regards, Immo

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    • Immo, thank you very much for your kind words. Congratulations on your find, Izh-25 are not very common, but well-made. Yes, Izh-25 and Izh-12 lockup were made to the same specs, so it’s theoretically possible to fit barrels from one to the other. Whether it will be practically possible depends on the variation in the tolerances for each gun in question. For example, if the opening for the locking lug on the new barrel happens to be wider than the locking lug on the action of the old gun, you’re in trouble. Nothing a good gunsmith can’t overcome, but may require too much work to be cost-efficient.


  2. Immo Willner says:

    Hi Aleksei, many thanks for your answer, which is very helpful. So I will try first before buying something in the net…. Are you sometimes in the Paris region? If so, please let me know. I would be delighted to meet you.

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