Russian Hunting Shotguns

Magazine Combination Guns.

No, that’s neither a misprint nor an oxymoron. This is an accurate description of a few models developed by TsKIB (Central R&D Bureau for Sporting Guns, Tula, Russia) for the sake of professional fur hunters. MTs 29The idea was that trappers needed a combination gun, but a combination gun is by definition two single shots in one stock. What do you do if you want a quick follow-up shot with the same caliber? A pack of young designers were let loose on the problem, and here are some of the solutions they came up with:

MTs 27MTs 27 was a combination of a bolt-action big-game rifle with a small-bore semi-automatic shotgun. MTs 27It could fire two 9.3x53R rounds (the 7.62 Mossin case necked up to 9 mm) from the over barrel, and three 20-gauge shells from the under barrel.


MTs 28 is a semiautomatic combination gun, the over barrel is chambered for .22lr, with a three-shot magazine, and the under barrel is a 20-gauge shotgun similar to MTs27.MTs 28

MTs29 is a single shot bolt-action shotgun above, and a 8-shot semiautomatic .22lr rifle with the action from the Soviet copy of Browning Auto22, known as “Sport” with a magazine in the stock, below.

MTs 29On the first variants the shotgun barrel was 32-gauge, and on a later MTs29-03 version it was 20-gauge.

MTs 29For obvious reasons, the guns never made it to production, but they are a good example of what TsKIB could do in their best days.


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