Russian Hunting Shotguns

“Something old and something new” – the Russich series of MP27 and MP155.

For decades the Russian gunmakers have been asking their consumers: “What do you want from a new model?” And for years Russian hunters replied: “We don’t need no new models, we want you to learn how to make the old ones better! Don’t worry, we’re ready to pay a bit extra” “All right” – said the gunmakers and… came up with another “new and improved” gun, which was cheaper to make, cheaper to handle, and cheaper to look at.

Introducing the “Russich” series of guns, which promises to change this. (“Russich” is an archaic way to say “a Russian”, literally it means “a descendant of the Rus”)

Photo (c)
The “Rusich” MP27 and MP155 don’t differ from the regular grade of the same guns as produced by IzhMech (Baikal) – except that they are made out of specially selected parts and blanks, and assembled with different tolerances and technology. “Russich” grade above, regular grade below. (c) When regular grade guns are put together, the assembly workers check the fit by gauges. If a gauge of a certain width doesn’t fit between two parts, the parts are OK. The “Russich” series is assembled with the classic gunmaking technology, the parts being fit together ‘by smoke’. This promises higher quality and durability, and the stiff to open at first” effect, typical from brand-new Baikal doubles, is expected to go away as well. The different shape of MP27 fore-end (regular grade below). (c) Another change in technology is that the wood and metal parts are joined together for each individual gun before it is finished. This allowed to tighten the tolerances, and now the wood is fit nearly flush with the metal, standing no more than .5 mm proud. The shapes of the stock have been improved, and the stock can be furnished in one of three kinds of Italian finish, matte or glossy according to the consumer’s choice. MP 155 “Russich” grade. (c) The changes, however, do not come from the factory. The “Russich” series
are a special order from Baikal’s biggest dealer, “Izhevskie Ruzhia”. “Izhevskie Ruzhia” (translated “Guns of Izhevsk”) is one of Russia’s pioneers in selling guns by mail order, they deal also in exported weapons, mostly Turkish, and is a pretty successful outfit with a good reputation. Photo (c) The new guns are priced only about 5% above the regular grade, which I think means “Izhevskie Ruzhia” are dumping them a bit until they build a reputation for themselves. In my reckoning, the “Russich” grade has to come at least 15% as expensive to make as the regular grade, and this is a realistic price tag for such a gun.

I hope to have a look at them at the next Arms&Hunting expo in Moscow, which is only two weeks away, and will report on my impressions.


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