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Aleksei Morozov.


10 thoughts on “

  1. Dykand says:

    Hi Aleksei
    Came from shotgun forum, your efforts is much appreciated!

    Could you please provide information about MU-5 (probably better named MTs-5?)
    20/70, O/U, Ejector, double trigger.
    Partly aluminium reinforced with steel.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards from DK,


    • Lars,
      thank you for your kind words! MTs 5 was TsKIB’s “smallbore action”, although the biggest difference between “big-bore” MTs-6 action was in a name. As far as “ratings” go, it was one of TsKIB’s “entry-level” models. It features TsKIB’s trademark “dead hinge” barrel-to-action joint and triggerplate action. The barrels of the 20 ga version are usually choked .5 mm in the under and .8 mm in the over barrel. What else would you want to know?


      • Dykand says:

        Thanks a lot Aleksei,
        Do you know of technical information in English or German?
        Didn’t find any on TsKIB’s homepage..
        Curious how much weight is spared by aluminium construction, & other main data like length & year of production..
        Wonder if any weakness has appeared in these constructions?
        Supposed hunting in rather moisty climate..
        Sold used in mint condition between 1.500 – 2.000$.
        MTs-8 isn’t found often, and hardly ever in this price range..

        Any news about your book on these splendid guns?

        Are you aware of this Swedish source of information about Russian proof marks?
        Any correction needed for your experienced eye’s..?

        Best regards,


      • Lars,
        aside from a few magazine articles, I don’t know of other sources of info about TsKIB guns.
        The link you provided, unfortunately, contains numerous mistakes, too many to correct in a single comment 😦 I don’t mean it as degradatory to the people who complied the page, I know how hard it is to find reliable info in a strange language.


  2. Tonya says:

    Could you tell me anything about a gun I bought. It’s a 18 mm made in USSR there are the Russian maker marks with numbers 10,392506576 410×76 F(0,70) 90 MPa inside the breach numbers are92506576


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