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Happy 2017 Everyone!

Dear readers of this blog,

no matter what brought you here – a search engine, a link on your favorite forum, or a regular visit to see what new is there on Sportingbookworm – thank you for coming over in 2016. People mark and celebrate the passing of periods of time in hope that the next one will be better than the previous, and there really are good things to expect in the next 2017.

For lovers of Russian hunting shotguns, there are reasons for optimism. In spite of what I wrote in the previous post, good news are coming from Baikal: new Italian machinery is being installed, and planned for launch next year, and plastic-stocked MP27, I’ve been told, are on their way to the consumers.

For lovers of hunting stories – there are quite a few good ones in stock that I haven’t posted for want of time. Set off some time for reading next year.

For conversationalists this blog has had little to offer recently – but this is going to change.

For all misery and drama that the outgoing year has brought into the world, it was a good time for me and for this blog. I wish it was so for you, and I wish you all peace, love and happyness in the year 2017.



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