Wonderful Wildlife

So much for not asking directions.

“I told you we had to go straight to that island, not turn right!”


Dmitry Dorofeev, my LJ pal and fellow Russian Hunting Magazine writer, reports a Great Knot sighting in the Persian Gulf. O.K, so what? So that the bird got that yellow band in Kamchatka, some 8,300 km as the crow flies. And a Great Knot ain’t no crow, besides, there are the Hymalayas on the straight course – the birds must have been going along the Pacific, and then the Indian coasts, some 13,000 km of flapping one’s wings to spend the non-breeding season in the warm.


Insignificant as it may seem, this sighting marks a real scientific discovery – this. population of Great Knots has been recorded in the Persian Gulf for many years, but nobody was sure where they came from. Now they do. Normally these birds winter in Australia, but one flock leader must have failed to ask for directions and took a wrong turn once.


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