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Russian Gun Model Identification II: MTs Over/Unders.

Of all shotguns made in Russia, for hunting or clay sports, the easiest ones to answer the “What model is that?” question are the Tula TsKIB over/unders. On most markets they were sold as Vostok, but on some as Baikal (and, of course, there will always be gun dealers for whom every Russian gun is a Baikal). The model name is right on the barrel flats; you don’t even have to remove the barrels to see it – just break the gun open, look at the left side next to the upper edge of the fore-end, and there you have it! There will be the Cyrillic letters МЦ (which some transcribe as MTs, and others as MC, and some even as MU) and the number that follows them is the model number. Here, for instance, you have a MTs 6.


MTs-6 from Raznoexport catalogue, showing where to look for model number.

The number that follows the model number after a dash is the submodel code. Knowing it, you may be able to tell whether the gun started out as a hunting, Trap or Skeet gun, had single or double triggers, or came as a two-barrel set. This code varies from model to model; on this gun, MTs 6-12, it coincides with the gun’s gauge – this usually stands for a double trigger hunting version.

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13 thoughts on “Russian Gun Model Identification II: MTs Over/Unders.

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  2. ole antonsen says:

    Hello! I’m researching my MTs 6-12 now, but i can’t figure out what chokes i have. The markings on the side of the barrel says 10 and 05. Is this full and half, or something else?


    • These markings could relate to 0.5 mm (half) and 1.0 (full). That would be unusual for TsKIB guns, that normally had its own way of marking chokes – with letters ДС (contraction for Russian “muzzle constriction”) and number from 0 to 5, indicating contrictions from 0 to 1.25 mm. E.g. ДС4 – full choke. However, TsKIB’s markings were not always uniform, and a variety of markings were used.


      • ole antonsen says:

        The cyryllic letters are also present with the numbers 10 and 05, yes.
        Do you know anything about CIP-testing? I’m having a hard time finding info about the shotgun, determining what ammo i can use whilst hunting.


      • Old Soviet proofs can be seen as equivalent to 850 MPA CIP standard. From the practical point of view, you can use any lead or lead-comparable (in terms of hardness) non-tox that comes in 70 mm shell.


  3. Terje Andreas Vatshaug says:

    Hello! I enherited a shotgun from my great uncle resently and wonder how old it is.
    It is a Star Baikal, serialnumber M07535. My father said that it was bought in 1980 but had been lying at the dealers for a long time so my uncle bought it sheap.
    Can you tell me annything about it?
    Best regards Terje Andreas from Norway.


    • Hi, Terje Andreas,
      before I could tell you anything I’ll have to know what the model is. I don’t know what Izh model sold as “Star” in Norway. Look for markings such as “Model Izh 58 MAE”, “Izh 12”, etc. on the sides or underside of the action. Or, at least, tell me whether it’s an over/under, side-by-side, single shot, etc.


      • Terje Andreas Vatshaug says:

        Rihgt! sorry. It is an o/u on the underside of the action it says “IJ 27” but it¨s hard to see, looks more like “IJ22” under a flashlight. I think all of them was called “Star Baikal” in Norway, as a brand name. I have been korected some times wen I´ve said just “Baikal” people korect me and say “Star Baikal”
        Terje Andreas.


      • Thank you, Terije Andreas! Every bit of info about Russian gun branding for export is very valuable for me. Be assured that it’s Ij27. The letter M in the serial No could stand for 1980, 1978, or 1975. Does it have automatic ejectors?


      • Terje Andreas says:

        Thank you! It has extraktors, no ejectors.
        This is my first gun, don’t know much about guns in general. I’ve been to the firing range and they asked me how old the gun was, because steel shot should not be used in older shotguns and it’s ilegal to use lead shot on the range.


      • You’re welcome.
        Non-ejector reduces it to ’78 or ’80. Still, they didn’t mean them for steel shot those days. Trap and Skeet loads will probably not damage the under barrel, but if the gun has sentimental value, I guess it’s not worth the risk.


  4. Bjarni Thor says:

    Hi, I’m trying to find out the age of Baikal IJ-18 single barrel shotgun wilth the serial C11914 , can you assist me with that?

    Thank you, Bjarni

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