A French-English Dictionary of Gun Terms.

As a professional translator, I simply couldn’t pass this French-English dictionary of gun terms, comprised by users Argo44, WildCattle, L.Brown and ellenbr of . Here’s the link to the original discussion, and there’s a link to another online dictionary of gun terms , with as many as 5 languages!  Click more to access the dictionary.

Just a pic of a French gun – purely ornamental.

Abimée – spoiled/ruined
Acier – steel
Acier damas (also “damas”) – damascus steel
Acier trempé – quenched steel
Acier revenu – tempered steel
Argent – silver
…vieil argent – old silver
Ailes–side clips
Ame Canon – bore
Amortisseur – pad (as in buttpad)
Anson et Deeley, Anson- box lock
Arme de poing – hand gun
Arme d’épaule – long gun
Armurier – gun shop owner
Armurerie – gun shop, not a maker, historically a body armor vendor
Arquebusier – Gun maker
Artisan – artisan
Avantage (a droite, a gauche) – cast-off, cast-on
Banc d’épreuves – proof house
Bande – rib
…Prolongement de la bande – extension of the rib (to the receiver)
Balle – bullet or slug
Bascule – receiver/action
Bascule ronde – round receiver
Bille acier – steel shot
Bois – wood
…Bois de noyer – walnut
……Noyer blond – blond walnut
…Bois de érable – maple
Boitier – housing
Bouche – muzzle
Bouchon de percuteur – Firing pin bushing
Bourre – wad
Brasé – brazed…
…a brasé sur – brazed on
Bretelle – sling
Bretelle a enrouleur – retractable sling (like on a Ideal)
Brettelle retractable – retractable (built in) sling
Brisure, a – Breakage
Broche – pinfire
Bronzage – barrel blacking
Busc – comb (for a stock)
Cale – wedge (in a double rifle)
Canon – barrel
Canons frettés – sleeved barrel set (externally sleeved or jacketed, built-up barrels)
Canons juxtaposés – double barrel; SxS
Canons lisse – smoothbore
Canons mixtes (Arme a) – cape gun
Canon rayé – rifled barrel
Canon raye dispersant -Rifled spreader barrel (usually Euro woodcock guns)
Canons superposés – over/under
Canons miroir – mirror finish bores
…Canonerie miroir – ditto
Canon monobloc – Barrels made in one block of steel
Canon lisse – smoothbore
Capuche – metal piece surrounding the Deeley forearm pushbutton
Carabine – rifle, carbine
Cartouches à plombs – shot shell
Cartouches à balle – slug shell
Chambrage – chamber(ing)
Chambre – chamber
Chien – hammer
Chiens extérieurs – external hammers
Choke – Choke
… Plein-full (as in choke
… Demi choke – Modified choke
Clé – key
Clé d’ouverture – top lever key
Clé sur le dessus – top lever key
Coffret – case (to put the gun in)
Contre-platines – false side-plates
Corne – horn
Coquille – action ball
Cran secutité – Safety catch
Crête de chien – hammer spur
Crochet – barrel lump
Crochets d’attache – barrel lump
… ajustes en queue d’aronde – dovetailed lump
Crochet du canon – same
Crochet encastré – dovetailed lump
Crosse – stock
Crosse anglaise – English stock
Crosse à joue – stock with cheek piece
Crosse demi-pistolet – round knob grip stock
Crosse pistolet – pistol grip stock
Crossier – stock maker
Culasse – standing breech or bolt
Culasse mobile – movable breech (i.e. on a Darne)
Cylindrique – cylinder choke (synonym: lisse)
Damasquiné – damascened
Demi-coquelle – half cock (for hammer guns) (???)
Demi-bloc – chopper lump
Détente – trigger
Devant – forearm
Devant a pompe – Deeley pushbutton forearm
d’occasion – used
Double detente – double tigger
double verrou de fermeture – double locking bolt
Ébène – ebony
éjecteurs automatiques – automatic ejectors
enfoncements – dents
Épreuves – proof
…Banc d’épreuves – proof house
…double épreuves – double proof
…triple épreuves – triple proof
…épreuve ordinaire – version of normal proof
…épreuve superieur – modern day “triple proof”
érable – maple (wood)
Etat mécanique – mechanical condition
état neuf – new condition
étranglement – choke
Etui – brass (for a cartridge)
Express (also double “express”) – double rifle
Extracteur – extractors
Fausses-platines – false side-plates
Feu central, arme a – centerfire (gun)
Fermeture en “T” – Jones underlever
Forage – bore (barrel)
Frette – monoblock
Fusil – firearm (normally a shotgun but also a military rifle)
Fusil juxtaposé Artisanal Français – Artisanal French gun (quite often maker not known)
Fusil a broche – pinfire gun
Fusil à chargement par la bouche – muzzle loader
Fusil a Chien – hammergun
Fusil de chasse – shotgun
Fusil a percussion – muzzle loading, percussion rifle
Fusil a piston – percussion gun
Fusil à silex – flintlock
Gachette – sear
Gachette interruptrice – safety sear
Graveur – engraver
Graveres – engravings
Grenadière – sling swivel
Goupille – round pin
Goupille de charnière – hinge pin
Guidon – front sight
Guillochés – ornamented with geometric design
…Vis guillochés – ornamented screws
Hausse – back sight
Illisible – illegible
Jaspage – case coloring
Jaspé; Jaspee – case color
Jaugé a – guaged/reguaged to (chambers enlarged to)
Jeu – play (in the sense of movement)
…Jeu dans la bascule – (play in the receiver)
…sans jeu – without play
Joue – cheekpiece
Juxtaposé – side by side
Laiton – brass
Levier – Lever
Levier de sécurité (ou sécurité) – safety lever
Longuesse – forestock
Longuesse a poussoir – pushrod (forestock with pushrod release)
Maniable – easy to the hand/handy
Monodétente – single trigger
Moulé(e) – molded
Noix – Hammer axis
Or – gold
Or fin – fine gold
Oreille – Sideclip
Oxydation – oxydation
Pas en bon état – not in good condition
Percussion centrale – center percussion, center fire (hammer gun)
Percuteur – Firing pin
Percution central – centerfire
Piece d’armurerie – piece of firearms manufacture ???
Pique – pitted
Piqures – pitting
…Petites piqures – light pitting
Planchette – back sight folding leaf
Plaque de couche – butt plate
Platine – side lock
Platine Holland – front lock as made by H&H or others
Platine arrières – back locks
Platine avant – front locks
Platine encastrée – embedded locks
Platine démontable – hand removable sidelock
Plein–full (as in choke)
Plomb – lead shot
Poinçon – stamp
Poinçons réglementaires – legal stamps
Poinçons d’épreuve – proof marks
(Crosse) Poncée huile – sanded with oil finish (stock)
Pontet – trigger guard
Pontet à volute – trigger guard with volute in front
Portée – range (as in shooting distance)
Poudre blanche–smokeless powder
Poudre Pyroxylée – smokeless powder (French)
Poudre sans fumée – smokeless powder
Poudre Vive – smokeless Powder ( Belgian)
Poussoir – push rod (forestock)
Quadrillage – Checkering
Quadrilleur – Checkerer
Queue d’aronde – dovetail
Rallonge de crosse – stock extension
Rayé à chargement par la bouche – muzzle loader rifle
Rayures – scratches
Ressort – spring
Ressort à boudin – Coil spring
Rouille – rust
…Rouille légère – light rust
Sécutité – safety
Sécurité dès qu’elle est arméee – safety automatically on when cocked
Serre – tight
Stéphanois – from Saint-Etienne region
Sûreté – safety
Tire-cartouche – extracteur
Tirette – action rod
Tonnerre – place where the ignition happen
Type anglais – English style
Verrou – lock, also bolt
Verrou de fermeture – closing lock
Verrou vertical – rising bite
Verrouillage – locking system
Vis – Screw



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  1. Alexsei, DGS now has a much more complete version of this French-english list and an English-French version under the same line if you’d like to update your post. I knew a Sasha Morozov 45 years ago in Singapore. Common name I suppose.

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