Baikal MP 156
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MP 156 – First Baikal Inertia-Operated Semiautomatic Shotgun

I have made it a fast rule never to write about a new Russian hunting gun until I personally see it in the shop. Too many times a “new development” failed to make it to the consumer at the last moment. That’s why, even though I’ve read and heard a lot that Baikal is working on an inertia-operated semi, MP-156, I haven’t written a word about it. But starting this autumn, you can actually buy one in a Russian gun shop. Not that it would be a good idea. Continue reading

Без рубрики


A few years ago a guy from the town where I used to live was driving home from an unsuccessful hunt and saw a hare hop along the road. He thought what the heck and purposefully hit it with his brand-new Audi. I have to say the Mid-Volga region is home to some of the biggest hares in the world, the biggest weigh over 7 kg. There was a boom, the driver’s side air bag went on, the car stalled and wouldn’t start again. The guy went out and saw the front bumper had a hole in it that looked like someone shot the car with a bazooka, and some important-looking liquid pouring out. So the hunter had to go home in a cab, and have the car towed to the dealer’s (it was still under warranty!). The next day he dropped by the dealership, and heard the hare went right through the bumper, the AC radiator, some power steering piping, and the main radiator, and stopped only at the engine block, bending the alternator belt assembly. The projected repair bill was about $10,000 and wasn’t covered by the insurance. As the guy was trying to digest the news, the manager asked if he wanted the hare. The mechanics found the critter as they examined the car – dead, of course, but still in one piece. The owner said just keep it. Now the manager had the problem of how to properly dispose of the carcass – by Russian law, you can’t just throw it away, you have to surrender it to a special service. But one of the mechanics said nonsence, the proper way to dispose of a hare is to eat it. He took the carcass home, cooked it, and later claimed it was the most delicious meal in his life.