Russian Hunting Magazine English Digest 2018 cover
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Russian Hunting Magazine English Digest Vol.3 (2018)

Sent the English digest of the Russian Hunting Magazine for 2018 this week. With every issue we choose two best stories, and run condensed English translations of them. When the year’s over, we get them together and publish in a separate issue. Of course, the stories lose a lot when cut from 1,500-2,000 words, but overall they give a pretty good impression of the hunting and hunting gun world in Russia. Here are a few snapshots of the third annual issue, for 2018.


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If you’d like to get an issue, or see one or two of the stories reproduced here in this blog, comment.


Where Are We Going? By Andrei Sitsko. One of the most influential Russian wildlife managers meditates on what’s wrong with the Federal Law “On Hunting”.

Hunting and Hunting Industry. Mikhail Krechmar interviews Andrei Filatov, then Head of the Department for State Policy and Regulation in the Hunting Industry, Russian Ministry for Natural Resources.

Wolf’s Kin. By Aleksei Bely. An overview of small canines in Russia, with the focus on Red Fox, Raccoon Dog, and Golden Jackal.

Red Fox: A Complex Approach to Population Control. By Aleksei Zavaliy. How a group of devoted bird hunters does predator control near Moscow, with tips on baiting, flagging, etc.

Kamchatka. By Catherine Percy. A very eloquent story of how an English lady killed a world-record moose in Kamchatka.

Just Keep on Trying. By Alexander Biryukov. Ups and downs of a hunter on a quest to get a wolf.

Psychological Analysis of Animal Rights Radicalism. By Irina Koretskaya, PhD. A rather insightful view into the types of people that take part in the animal rights movement.

Hunting on Camelback in the Steppes of Kalmykia. By Aleksei Alekhin. Sounds bizarre enough, but there you have it.

Capercaillie Leks: The strange kind. By Dmitry Simonov. Advanced knowledge of the leks, and the strange forms they may acquire after they regenerate from overharvest or logging.

To Be a Laika Person. By Sergei Vaskov. How to select and train a traditional Russian breed of hunting dogs.

Like in a Manual. By Ilya Baibulatov. A DYI first hunt at a black grouse lek.

Zev Kyz’ Purt – “A Very Long Knife” By Igor Adrianov. A story about a  peculiar type of knife used in the past by some indigenous peoples.

How I Arrange My Hunt. By Nikolai Besfamilny. How to hunt the country, from Caucasian Tur to a bear in Yakutia on a working man’s budget.

TOZ-66: My Memory of Spring. By Ilya Gurin. A hunter’s quest for a classic Soviet hammer double.

The Kaiser in the Rominten Forest. By Aleksander Kazyonnov. Formerly of Eastern Prussia, and now shared between Russia, Lithuania and Poland, the Rominter Heide used to be the favorite hunting preserve of the last Emperor of Germany.

Three-Barreled Guns in Russia. By Mikhail Krechmar. The Drilling is, generally speaking, a German thing, but the TsKIB SOO developed a few interesting models, too.

The Maral Chronicle. By Marusia Andreeva. A girl power Maral Stag hunt, with a lot of effort and lack of creature comforts, all for a very unusual old animal.

Wolves and How to Call Them. By Vladimir Lazovikov. Voice calls for wolves and wolf calling tips.

The Tiger Zugzwang. By Mikhail Krechmar. How “protect at all costs” attitude to tigers works against wildlife management in Russian Pacific Far East.

Dreams Come True. By Bazyr Baksheev. A Manchurian Wapiti hunt “on the roar” – i.e., during the rut, and a little Japanese wishing doll magic.

Rained Down in Subarctic. By Mikhail Krechmar. The rut of Siberian Moose is triggered by cold, sunny weather. But what does one do when it just won’t stop raining?

Marten Hunting with Laika Dogs. By Evgeni Egorov. Until the XVI century, Russians used marten skins as currency. And many of the marten were harvested with Laika dogs. This is how it was – and is – done.

Hunting White Hares over Dark Terrain. By Evgeni Egorov. Another Russian classic hunt – when the hare has already changed into white winter fur, but the snow isn’t there.

Dragunov vs. Reality. By Alexander Trofimov. A citizen of Switzerland gets his hand on the civilian version of the SVD and sets on to discover what it can and can’t do.


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  1. B. Kelly says:

    Hi, I would love to see the article on the TOZ-66. Thank you for making this information available in English!

    Better yet, I would like to get an issue. Please email me to let me know how.

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