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Proofs on a BLE by Alyoshkin

Scroll down, there’s nothing to see here. Just crap pics of a London-proofed gun by a St.Petersburg gunmaker, made circa 1904-1906. I only posted it because I need to upload them somewhere. Come back again in about three weeks, I might have more data and better images.


4 thoughts on “Proofs on a BLE by Alyoshkin

  1. Athanasios Tsintzas says:

    Thomas Kilby and Son, Stealhouse Lane, Birmingham, England, was a famous barrel maker. He might provided those 20 gauge barrels to another gunmaker, in order to produce such side by side shotgun. The barrels have been tested in England, the rest of the gun (base/receiver) is unknown, which probably leads my thoughts in an export of barrels to US.

    Athanasios Tsintzas
    BGen (ret)

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      • Athanasios Tsintzas says:

        If the gun-maker who has assembled this shotgun is a Russian, then the gun is considered Russian. The barrel comes tested from UK, but as a whole shotgun it must be proved and sealed with marks in Russia.


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