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More Guns from Tula?

Such news really ought to come with Surgeon General’s warning: “Holding one’s breath on Russian gunmakers’ promises may lead to extreme hypo-oxidation”.

Mikhail Degtyarev of the Kalashikov Magazine reports that all civilian gunmakers of Tula have been united under the same parent company and brand: “Tulskoye Oruzhie” (Rus: Тульское оружие, “Tula Weapons”). This includes TsKIB, TOZ, and the new player Levsha-T. The three Tula gunmakers will have a “co-ordinated product policy”.

TOZ will get rid of the outdated production tools and machinery, and will get a set of completely new and most modern equipment.

TOZ old manufacturing equipment

TOZ: old tools that are to be replaced with new ones

At present, it makes the TOZ-78  .22 lr bolt-action rifle, and the TOZ-34 12-gauge over/under shotgun. Production plans for next year include TOZ-55 over/under combination gun, an updated version of the TOZ-106 20-gauge bolt-action folder, TOZ-122 big-game bolt-action rifle, TOZ-78 chambered for .345 TK round, a tactical/sniper semiautomatic rifle MTs-566 and OTs-126, a “pistol-carbine” (a civilian semiauto-only version of a PP2000 submachine-gun).  Some of these weapons were described in the previous posts (TOZ-34’s back and Arms&Hunting 2019).

As far as I know, TOZ has not been under US sanctions directly. However, its ties to the Russian military-industrial complex are too close for comfort in this respect.

It would all be so very encouraging, except that I’ve heard this one before. Uniting various gun brands under one umbrella corporation, new manufacturing equipment, new model range… The Kalashnikov Group promised all that and more.

All images (c) The Kalashnikov Magazine


4 thoughts on “More Guns from Tula?

      • Iain MacGregor says:

        I had one of these guns for a number of years. Mine did not have the sling swivels. I also had a straight hand stock which I preferred with the double triggers. Fantastic gun. I gave up game shooting and sold it with no regrets.


  1. Lisa Ard says:

    I am trying to help a friend find out about her husband’s shotgun.make TUlA USSR Model toz-66 serial number p2229 12 Gaga side by side ,T, toz-66 2 3/4 ,28″ M-F 700 KFC/CM 2 ,- with gold plated rabbit ears, birds and dogs on the plates and brass butt. She wanted to know the year it was made,or have a general idea, and about what it might be worth. Thank you- Lisa Ard

    Liked by 1 person

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