Aleksei Morozov

I am a freelance writer, and do English/Russian and Russian/English translations/transcreations.

I write about topics connected with hunting, hunting weapons, and conservation. My articles are mostly printed in Russian Hunting Magazine, where I run a permanent “Aleksei Morozov’s British Column”, dedicated to the history of “sport” in the good old England and by British sportsmen and sportswomen around the world. Aside from the column, I perform other assignments for the magazine, and that all together won me the award of Russian Hunting Magazine’s Writer of the Year 2014 and 2015. I also published some of my text in the Russian edition of Sports Afield and the Safari journal.

In translation, I specialize in academic writing (mostly related to Chemistry, Aerospace, and Linguistics), marketing communications, business documents and correspondence, and, of course, the outdoors. I worked (and work) for international corporations such as Seeland International, the Safari Press, MSU Press, Kalashnikov Publishing, all the magazines mentioned above, Samara State Aerospace University, and many other companies and individuals. I am especially interested in transcreation of advertising and marketing material, as it matches my research specialization.

I graduated from Samara State Pedagogical University as Teacher of English and German in 1998, and obtained a PhD-equivalent degree in Linguistics (with thesis about persuasive ability of American automobile advertising) from Moscow State University in 2001. I’m still employed part-time as Docent (Associate Professor) of Samara State University of Economics, teaching English, Stylistics, British and American Studies, and Intercultural Communication.

I live with my wife and two children in Samara, Russia.

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