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Have a question about a hunting shotgun made in USSR/Russia?

Model identification, when it was made, how to date it, proof marks, export can I shoot steel through it, what loads to fire in is, choke dimensions, engraving, the meaning of inscriptions and markings, what gun is better, opinions and comparisons, ejectors and extractors, disassembly, fixing and gunsmithing tips, wood and finish, value, price, Tula, TOZ, Baikal, Vostok, Izhevsk, Zlatoust, Vyatskie Polyany, TsKIB (CKIB), Bekas, Saiga, Vepr, MP, MTs (MC), side-by-sides, over/unders, semiautos, single shots, what is the best and worst Russian gun ever – and anything else you’ve been wondering about.

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  1. Luka dugandzic says:

    Hi. I just purchased a baikal ij 58 ma and the
    Serial number is h24586. I was hoping if you could date this. Thank you


  2. Lee says:

    I’m looking to sell my Baikal over and under double trigger.
    I’d appreciate any help on a model and the type of fixed choke on each barrel.
    Can you assist please?
    Many thanks
    Lee (England)


      • Lee says:

        I’m not sure how to share photos on here but here is my best verbal description.
        The serial number is 8737567, it’s a double trigger over and under with electors, top and bottom bores at the ejectors are 20.5mm and the fixed chokes measure 17.4mm on the top and 17.76mm bottom.
        It has markings stating f1.0 above m0.5.
        Also 12 70 65mpa and 18.2 bottom and 18.3 bottom 12 70 900kg.
        If possible, a model name / number and choke description would be appreciated.
        Many thanks for your time and knowledge.


      • Lee, thank you, it’s my pleasure. Your gun appears to be an Izh-27, made in 1987. The regular chokes on this model were 0.5 mm (half) in the under, and 1.0 mm (full) on the over.


  3. Yasir ali says:

    I have baikal over under 28 inch barrel.but it can’t shot the aim.i ask from diffrent people they say me that u r gun barrel is too much chock.any one who give me advice.what todo.


    • Hi, Yasir. It is hard to advise you what to do from a distance. Usually, when you have too much choke, you miss more often, and the birds you hit are “plastered” (have too many shot pellets in them). When you can’t hit anything at all, the problem is usually with the stock of the gun. Experiment with different guns, and/or take a few lessons from a good shooting coach. Best!


  4. Theodoros says:

    Dear Aleksei goodmorning.
    Great work!
    I have recently bought a Russian O/U.
    Is a 16 gauze, with beautiful engravings and gold colour engraved lining surrounding the engravings.The stock and forend are of beautiful high grade walnut wood, most probably Caucasian. Pistol grip.
    The gun looks great and shots even better.
    There are no name on this gun but only a few symbols. From the symbol like an arrow, i understand is made in izvestk. Other symbol is a diamond shape with the letters ΓΗC. Another diamond symbol has inside a k. Other symbols are a diamond shape and the letter H (appears twice).
    The guns number is Λ00265.
    I would appreciate all information you could provide. Manufacture year and what is an estimate value.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Keep up the great work you are doing.
    Thank you,

    Liked by 1 person

      • Theodoros says:

        Dear Aleksei hello.
        Thank you for your reply.
        As per your request attached are 2 photos and via We transfer you will receive a few more.
        Best regards, Theodoros


      • Theodoros says:

        Dear Aleksei hello.
        Thank you for your reply.
        Do you have an email address where I can send some photos?
        Best regards,


      • Theodoros says:

        Hi Aleksei.
        I hope that you are well.
        Thank you for your reply.
        What is your opinion for this o/u(Λ00265).
        Was it a regular production? Or a custom order?
        Which is the year of production?
        An estimate of value?
        All the best


      • Theodoros, the gun was probably made in 1974. Your gun of course isn’t a common mass-made Izh-27, but small batches of guns with this level of finish (and higher built-in quality, too) were made as part of regular production. Sorry, but I can’t help with value estimates.


  5. Lukedugandzic says:

    My brother purchased a over under ij 27eic shotgun and serial is p00781 is the serial number. I was wondering when it was made


  6. Darryl Wright says:

    Hi Aleksei. I just purchased a 16 gauge side by side marked “Buhag Suhl” . Since this gun was made somewhat under Soviet supervision I have this question. Were post war 16 gauge guns chambered for 2 3/4″ 70mm cartridges? I am aware that you feel Buhag guns were very well built. I don’t have the gun to inspect the barrels for the chamber length it is being shipped and will be in transit for awhile.

    regards, Darryl from Canada.

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