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Have a question about a hunting shotgun made in USSR/Russia?

Model identification, when it was made, how to date it, proof marks, export can I shoot steel through it, what loads to fire in is, choke dimensions, engraving, the meaning of inscriptions and markings, what gun is better, opinions and comparisons, ejectors and extractors, disassembly, fixing and gunsmithing tips, wood and finish, value, price, Tula, TOZ, Baikal, Vostok, Izhevsk, Zlatoust, Vyatskie Polyany, TsKIB (CKIB), Bekas, Saiga, Vepr, MP, MTs (MC), side-by-sides, over/unders, semiautos, single shots, what is the best and worst Russian gun ever – and anything else you’ve been wondering about.

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110 thoughts on “The Questions and Answers Page.

  1. Tommy Hofstad says:

    Thank a lot for that! 👍 Good to know that steel is no good. As for the date of the gun, you narrow it down to 3 years, and that’s way better then not have ping a clue. Again, thanks! 😊


  2. Wally says:

    I have a baikal o/u 12ga the model number is IJ then I cannot make out the rest I am looking for the wood for it if you know where I could buy it and the model number thanks Wally


    • Wally, “Ij” is not a model number, it’s the maker’s name. Model number is a number – “12”, “27”, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good news for you, outside the former USSR stocks for Russian shotgun are almost unobtainable.


  3. Marios Souzou says:

    Hi Aleksei

    what is the current value of the Vostok MTs7 brand new if still in production?
    Found one used in very near new condition .
    Wonder what is worth. In the UK they are not much appreciated . It has 29.5 inches barrels choked Imp Cyl and 3/4 double triggers which makes me wonder if that is how it came out of the factory – usually they were 1/2 and Full.

    Thanks from sunny Cyprus



    • Hi Marios,
      MTs-7 is no longer in production; MTs-7C that TsKIB has been making until recently is a different design. It was priced in the neighborhood of 200,000 rubles, which would be 3 to 5 thousand Euro depending on exchange course, but I don’t think you can really compare old 7 and new 7C. Old guns were much better in quality, but didnt’ have many important features. All Soviet TsKIB guns in the West are underappreciated: zero brand recognition. As for the chokes, most guns came from TsKIB with standard chokes, but you could really have any configuration if the gun was made to order. If the chokes are standard, they would be marked ДС1 and ДС3.


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