Bears on Okhotsk sea coast, Russia
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2019: Bad Year for Human-Bear Conflicts in Russia

Conflicts between humans and the brown bear are on the rise across the predator’s range, in both North America and Eurasia. In Russia in the year of 2019, however, they’re taking an especially nasty turn. The year isn’t over yet, and the official stats have not been released, but we’re talking about dozens – probably over a hundred – bear-related deaths.

The worst thing is, while attacks on hunters, fishermen, berry and mushroom gatherers and other outdoors people are kinda the name of the game, as many as two people in Russia have been killed by bears in 2019 right in the middle of settlements! Continue reading

Russian Hunting Magazine English Digest 2018 cover
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Russian Hunting Magazine English Digest Vol.3 (2018)

Sent the English digest of the Russian Hunting Magazine for 2018 this week. With every issue we choose two best stories, and run condensed English translations of them. When the year’s over, we get them together and publish in a separate issue. Of course, the stories lose a lot when cut from 1,500-2,000 words, but overall they give a pretty good impression of the hunting and hunting gun world in Russia. Here are a few snapshots of the third annual issue, for 2018. Continue reading

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In Russian Hunting Magazine: Testing the MTs-19 Rifle.

In January and March issues for 2017,  Russian Hunting Magazine ran Elisaveta Tselykhova’s interview with Sergei Minkov, who used to do pre-production tests of new hunting guns at a model hunting preserve ran by VNIIOZ (Research Institute for Wildlife Management and Fur Farming). Talk about a dream job for a hunter and a gun nut! Sergei handled just about every new item of a hunter’s inventory introduced in the USSR from 1978 to 1991; here I’m reprinting here the part of the interview that deals with the MTs-19 rifle. 


MTs-19. Image by

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Hunting in Russia

A Tiger-Flavored Bear Hunt

“I was waiting on the machan for a Hymalayan bear, but a tiger came to the bait!” No, this is not a quote from a 100 y.o. Indian Shikar book, this is the reality for a contemporary big-game hunter in Russian Far East as testified by “A Tiger-Flavored Bear Hunt” by Igor Volokushin, from December issue of Russian Hunting Magazine. This fantastic story ismy Christmas present for the readers of this blog.


I first saw a Himalayan bear in Moscow, as a trophy mounted by V. Sukharev’s taxidermy studio. The bear looked so natural as if it just froze for a moment before roaring. I felt the urge to get my own trophy of the “white-breasted” bear, as it is known there, and it wasn’t long before I negotiated a hunt with Stalker Group outfitters, and landed in Khabarovsk, with Valery Mitroshin, the manager of a hunting preserve in Lazo Region, to meet me and guide me.

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