Russian Hunting Magazine English Digest 2018 cover
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Russian Hunting Magazine English Digest Vol.3 (2018)

Sent the English digest of the Russian Hunting Magazine for 2018 this week. With every issue we choose two best stories, and run condensed English translations of them. When the year’s over, we get them together and publish in a separate issue. Of course, the stories lose a lot when cut from 1,500-2,000 words, but overall they give a pretty good impression of the hunting and hunting gun world in Russia. Here are a few snapshots of the third annual issue, for 2018. Continue reading

Hunting in Russia

An Ode for Walked-up Hunts

by V. Chernykh.

Originally published in Russian Hunting Magazine, June 2017.

Condensed translation into English by me.


Many European nations, like Poland, take hunting education very seriously, and you won’t get your hunting license until you pass an examination that proves you have enough knowledge and can apply it to practice. In this country, hunters are left to themselves in this respect. There’s no shortage of information nowadays about the theory of various hunts – but what’s the best way to start getting practical knowledge?

I began hunting with a group of friends who followed the classic Russian routine – Continue reading

Без рубрики

Black Grouse Hunting.

Black grouse lek is a fantastic sight. Here is a little something from April 2015 issue of Russian Hunting Magazine. Photos by Sergei Utkin (click here for more). Text is from the same lek hunting story by Nikolai Vlasov as in the capercailzie post before (translated into English by me).

(c) Sergei Utkin

The black cocks kept evading us, and, with the crack of the dawn, again and again we went to the endless marshes in search of them. At last, we were lucky to find not one but two leks, a kilometer from each other. Continue reading