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How to Survive High-Volume Dove Shooting in Argentina.

This is a story I wrote for BookYourHunt, an online platform that connects outfitters and hunters worldwide. If you’re interested in travelling to hunt, this is your place to go – over 2,500 hunting opportunities with about 350 outfitters from 43 countries, convenient search engine and personalized service, and a guarantee that you can’t find a better deal anywhere else. 

Argentina is the wingshooter’s paradise. For a devoted bird hunter, “Cordoba” is not “a town in Spain”, but “doves galore”; other Argentinean provinces, such as Santiago del Estero and Salta, are also famous for dove shooting opportunities, and pigeons as well, and in the province of Entre Rios you can vary your hunting experience with perdiz (partridge) and ducks. The limits on pigeon, perdiz and ducks are generous, and on doves there’s no limit at all – in Argentina, they are pests that do immeasurable damage to agriculture. Hunting is the most efficient of legal crop protection methods, and hunters are often farmers’ only hope, so there’s no moral remorse and no reason to restrain yourself…

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Hunting in Russia

An Ode for Walked-up Hunts

by V. Chernykh.

Originally published in Russian Hunting Magazine, June 2017.

Condensed translation into English by me.


Many European nations, like Poland, take hunting education very seriously, and you won’t get your hunting license until you pass an examination that proves you have enough knowledge and can apply it to practice. In this country, hunters are left to themselves in this respect. There’s no shortage of information nowadays about the theory of various hunts – but what’s the best way to start getting practical knowledge?

I began hunting with a group of friends who followed the classic Russian routine – Continue reading

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Another story from Russian Hunting Magazine – May 2017

Year of the White-Fronted Goose

by Mikhail Sidorov.

condensed translation into English by Aleksei Morozov

year of the white fronted goose

According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 was the year of the Red Monkey, but for me it was the year of the White-Fronted Goose. Continue reading

Hunting in Russia

Russia’s Most Legendary Hunters: Dersu Uzala.

A lot of people from my “Legendary Russian Hunters” list will be from the Far East, for a good reason – the best way to become a legend is to hunt dangerous game, and in no other part of Russia are there so many tigers, leopards, and bears. But my next hero, a native of this land, never hunted big cats – for the indigenous peoples of the area it was a taboo.


Vladimir Arsenyev and Dersu Uzala (right). Photograph from Arsenyev’s book.

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Russia’s Most Legendary Hunters: The Jankovski Dynasty.

Facebook keeps suggesting me an old Outdoor Life story about world’s most legendary hunters. Understandably, most people on the list come from either the U.S. or Britain and its former colonies. Yet, Russia has a number of hunters who deserve the status of a legend, and I’ll try to tell you about some of them. Today’s story is about the Jankovskis of the Pacific Far East, the land where the taiga meets the tropics.

valery with lynx

Valeri Jankovski with pet lynx and favorite pointer. Korea, 1930s. Photo from

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In Russian Hunting Magazine – February 2017.

Winter. Hunting. Freedom.

by Aleksei Morozov.

Condensed translation into English by the author.


Allow me, dear reader, to take you on an imaginary Russian hunt as it used to be 200 years ago. No, we shall not go coursing with borzoi dogs like the noble heroes of Tolstoy and Turgenev. We are going to hunt like the people who comprised 80 to 90% of Russians two centuries ago: the serfs. Continue reading