Russian MP-155 Shotgun in "Profi" grade.
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MP-155 “Profi” Grade

Since 2018 the Baikal MP-155 semiautomatic shotgun is available in the “Profi” grade. The difference from the standard model amounts to a) Ceracote-coated receiver, and b) hand-checkered walnut stock and fore-end. Everything else is your regular MP-155, and even the plastic-tipped fore-end, as far as I know, is now standard for all wood-stocked MP-155.

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Pump-Action Saiga Carbine.

No, this is not a belated April Fools joke. The Facebook page of the Kalashnikov magazine reports that the pump-action version of the Saiga rifle (the civilian version of the AK) will be presented to the public in June, at the IPSC World Rifle Championship in Moscow. Only one or two rifles, chambered for .223, have been made specifically for the IPSC rifle event.

pump saigaThe rifle will probably never be mass-produced, but you never know – much would depend upon how the public welcomes it. Speaking of which, what do you think about the concept:

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What’s Going on with Baikal.

This year saw numerous articles in the national gun and hunting magazines covering the Kalashnikov Group – a holding company that controls a number of Russian gunmakers and defense industry enterprises. The group, apparently, is trying hard to improve Russian gunmaking industry, and the stories about it mean to fill you with hope. This includes Izhevsk, the home town of the Baikal brand. Continue reading

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Moscow Arms&Hunting 2015 Expo.

There isn’t a Russian writer who hasn’t built a headline on “Pictures at an Exhibition”, title of the famous piano music by Mussorgsky. But this year’s Arms&Hunting Moscow Expo brings to mind another Russian classic – “After the Battle of Prince Igor and the Polovtsy”.

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