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In Russian Hunting Magazine: Testing the MTs-19 Rifle.

In January and March issues for 2017,  Russian Hunting Magazine ran Elisaveta Tselykhova’s interview with Sergei Minkov, who used to do pre-production tests of new hunting guns at a model hunting preserve ran by VNIIOZ (Research Institute for Wildlife Management and Fur Farming). Talk about a dream job for a hunter and a gun nut! Sergei handled just about every new item of a hunter’s inventory introduced in the USSR from 1978 to 1991; here I’m reprinting here the part of the interview that deals with the MTs-19 rifle. 


MTs-19. Image by http://www.weaponplace.ru

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Hunting in Russia

In October 2015 Issue of Russian Hunting Magazine.

Each issue of Russian Hunting Magazine contains condensed English translations of selected articles. This month Mikhail Kretchmar takes on the “Chukotka subspecies” of mountain sheep. The sheep hunters who boast of this trophy might not like it when they learn that a) the research that supported identification of this subspecies has been refuted; b) what is supposed to be “Chukotka sheep” is listed as endangered; c) the rams that outfitters sell as “Chukotka ram” actually belong to another subspecies that is not considered endangered. In the other story Maksim Levitin describes a new region for trophy hunting in Kazakhstan, which can offer a slam of 5 trophies – bear, ibex, moose, maral and roe deer – in one hunt. A great new opportunity for trophy hunting – be the first who collected “The Grand Slam of Kazakhstan” in one go!

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