Baikal MP 156
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MP 156 – First Baikal Inertia-Operated Semiautomatic Shotgun

I have made it a fast rule never to write about a new Russian hunting gun until I personally see it in the shop. Too many times a “new development” failed to make it to the consumer at the last moment. That’s why, even though I’ve read and heard a lot that Baikal is working on an inertia-operated semi, MP-156, I haven’t written a word about it. But starting this autumn, you can actually buy one in a Russian gun shop. Not that it would be a good idea. Continue reading

Без рубрики, Russian Hunting Shotguns

MP-155 Gets a New Stock.


The Baikal MP-155 semi-auto gets an upgrade, including a new walnut stock made on a brand-new Italian СNC machine. The new design features a thinner pistol grip and fore-end, and is said to be more ergonomically correct.

Other improvements in the updated gun include better recoil pad, new extended magazine cap, and sling swivels.

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What’s Going on with Baikal.

This year saw numerous articles in the national gun and hunting magazines covering the Kalashnikov Group – a holding company that controls a number of Russian gunmakers and defense industry enterprises. The group, apparently, is trying hard to improve Russian gunmaking industry, and the stories about it mean to fill you with hope. This includes Izhevsk, the home town of the Baikal brand. Continue reading

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Factory Plastic Stock for MP-27.


Photo by Evgeni Spiridonov.

Evgeni Spiridonov, hunting guns brand developer for Kalashnikov Group, writes in his blog that everything is ready to launch production of plastic stocks and fore-ends for MP-27. The stocks will come in black and camo versions, with LOP and other characteristics identical to MP155. The stocks can be retro-fitted to any Izh-27 made after 1989 and SPR3xx, and will be sold as aftermarket options as well. Evgeni promises the stocks will be available to international consumers through official dealers.


Photo by Evgeni Spiridonov