Без рубрики, Russian Hunting Shotguns

The Hammer Guns of Tula

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Russian Hunting Shotguns

It Finally Happened!


All since mid-1990s I’ve been hearing how TsKIB’s workforce, both designers and the “hands” who actually build the guns, are dissatisfied with the management and are quitting their jobs en masse. And all the time I’ve been waiting for some of them to start their own gunmaking business. Well, looks like it finally happened!

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Russian Hunting Shotguns

A Brave Experiment with Design.

“Tulka” – a hammer double, usually in 16 gauge, made by Tula Armory (TOZ) – was an iconic Russian hunting shotgun. However, by mid-1970s, the demand for this type of weapon diminished. TOZ reacted with TOZ 54 (made in 12 gauge only).

TOZ 54 b

Angular hammers and locking lever, and a beavertail fore-end, were supposed to give this gun a “modern” look. The consumers, however, were not amuzed.

TOZ 54 a

This model was made for export. However, the “Made in USSR” inscription on the trigger plate is not a reliable indicator of the gun being an export grade. Lots of standard grade guns made for domestic market had similar inscriptions.

TOZ 54 c