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Aleksei Morozov.

Bears on Okhotsk sea coast, Russia
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2019: Bad Year for Human-Bear Conflicts in Russia

Conflicts between humans and the brown bear are on the rise across the predator’s range, in both North America and Eurasia. In Russia in the year of 2019, however, they’re taking an especially nasty turn. The year isn’t over yet, and the official stats have not been released, but we’re talking about dozens – probably over a hundred – bear-related deaths.

The worst thing is, while attacks on hunters, fishermen, berry and mushroom gatherers and other outdoors people are kinda the name of the game, as many as two people in Russia have been killed by bears in 2019 right in the middle of settlements!

The story of Sophia Chernigova, a 14-year-old schoolgirl from the township of Yodva, Komi Republic, is especially heart-breaking. On August 4, 2019, the younger of two daughters, loved by everyone at school and at home, asked her father if she could go to the general store to buy some fruit juice and a chocolate. Permission granted, she went out. When she did not return in due time, the father went out to look for her. In the center of the township he came across a group of young people standing over what appeared to be a dead body. At first, he refused to believe it was his daughter, even though the clothes looked familiar. But then he pulled out his phone, dialed her number, and heard the familiar ringtone coming from the remains.

Sophia Chernigova

Sophia Chernigova. Photo from her social network account.

There was a trash bin near the incident site, so, presumably, the bruin was feeding on the trash when it was interrupted by the girl (source).

On Sunday December 1, 2019, in the township of Vitimsky, Irkutsk Oblast, a 66-year-old local firefighter was, as usual, alone in his house at the edge of the township, preparing to go to bed, probably not looking forward to another day at work tomorrow. The new day didn’t dawn for him, because a brown bear came to the house, broke through the window, wracked havoc inside, and killed and ate the man.

Three local hunters, assisted by police officers, were requested to look for the bear. They spend the day in fruitless search, and sat in ambush near the accident site. The bear did what bears naturally do – returned to the kill site – and as soon as there was shooting light they killed it (source).

I repeat that both incidents happened in established human settlements, so the “humans invade the bear’s territory” line is not applicable.

Cover photo (c) Mikhail Krechmar / Russian Hunting Portal

toz-34 new for 2019
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TOZ-34 Is Back

I have been informed that the first production TOZ-34 over/unders since 2012 are headed to the shops. The quality is said to be OK. Priced RuR 28,990, which as of November 14, 2019, makes roughly 455 U.S. dollars. No new features: the gun comes with 70-mm chambers, 28″ barrels and fixed M and F chokes, manual extractors and walnut stock. Those who waited for longer chambers, screw-in chokes, and single trigger, are advised to keep calm and carry on waiting 🙂

Information and photos are from Orengun gun shop.

A scenery from a hunting trip on Kamchatka
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International Hunters in Russia: Meditation over an anonymous survey.

It all started from a seemingly innocent question: How do international hunters see hunting in Russia? To answer this, I did what I often do: create an anonymous questionnaire and post the link on Facebook. In addition, I asked our friends at BookYourHunt.com to send the link to their clients who’d booked a hunt in Russia with them. The results were surprising in many ways, starting with the numbers: I’m certain the posts reached at least 50,000 Facebook users, members of hunting-related groups, but the survey yielded only 5 responses. The same number was obtained through BookYourHunt.com. This doesn’t make the sample too representative, but the results are still thought-provoking. Continue reading