Без рубрики, Hunting in Russia

In Russian Hunting Magazine July 2016.

Every issue of the Russian Hunting Magazine contains condensed translations of two selected articles. In the July 2016 issue you get to read about hunting wild boar at night and an unexpectedly good first trophy hunt. Enjoy!

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Без рубрики, Russian Hunting Shotguns

Interview with Rich Show, double rifle maker.

July issue of Russian Hunting Magazine printed my interview with Richard Show, a gunsmith and gunmaker from Pensylvania, U.S.A. Rich is known for his double rifles on shotgun actions, and he built 24 DRs on Russian Izh-43 action. I couldn’t fail to ask him his opinion about these guns, double rifle making in general, and what it takes to be a small-scale gunmaker in the US. This is the English text of the interview that I sent Rich for verification, along with some photographs he sent me. Thank you once again, Rich, for all the pains you took to make this interview happen. 


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