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The rarest of rare: MP151


MP151, the first semiauto by IzhMech (Baikal), is basically the Izh-81 pump with gas piston added. Only 100 of those were made, just to see if the concept works. , The most interesting feature of MP151 is that the gas piston can be regulated for lighter or heavier loads by turning a ring near the magazine cup. Further improvement of the design resulted in MP153.




Conservation conflict: ending the conflict. by Rob Yorke, The Field, April 23 2016.

All right, so what if this blog is at present mostly about Russian hunting whatever, that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in larger conversational issues – if only at the “hit the bloody repost button” level. So here goes:

Rob Yorke. Conversation Conflict: Ending the Conflict

Why am I reposting (all right, linking and commenting on) it?

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Hunting in Russia

In Russian Hunting Magazine, April 2016.

April in Russia is invariably about black game and capercailzie leks, woodcock mating flights, geese calls and live decoys for duck hunting. Yes, to say the spring season is controversial would be an understatement, but… I’ll get back to this issue, and meanwhile check out two stories from Russian Hunting Magazine in my condensed translation.

rhm 16-4 arhm 16-4 b

Без рубрики, Rifles

Some Words on TsKIB Double Rifles.

From 1962 to 1987 Soviet citizens could not own rifles. Those who needed a rifle for work – professional trappers, reindeer herders and such – could have one issued by the organization that employed them, but the rifle would be the property of the organization. Private ownership of rifles (and handguns) was banned. Some Communists, however, were more equal than others…

-Леонид Брежнев в Залесье, 1973 год

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