Hunting in Russia

Wild Pigs, Government Offices and Old Presumptions.

Midway upon the journey of our life, I found myself within a forest dark, and unlike Dante, I’m not speaking metaphorically. Dusk was setting as I was riding the snowmobile behind the gamekeeper to the stationary blind where I was to wait for wild boar – my first big-game hunt in the whole 40 years of my life. Why did a born hunter like me take so long to even try it? That’s a long story – and it’s less about me and more about the how hunting in Russia is (and in the USSR was) organized. Continue reading

Без рубрики, Hunting in Russia

In Russian Hunting Magazine July 2016.

Every issue of the Russian Hunting Magazine contains condensed translations of two selected articles. In the July 2016 issue you get to read about hunting wild boar at night and an unexpectedly good first trophy hunt. Enjoy!

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