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MP-156: Improvements and Features

Good news: MP-156, Baikal’s first inertia autoloader, is not as bad as my previous post made it sound. IzhMech responded to the customer complaints, and improved their guns significantly. The quality is still a lottery. But, while in the first lots the share of lemons was as high as 50%, today at least 9 out of 10 guns perform well out of the box. Not yet in the Benelli league, admittedly, but that at least makes it worthwhile to say something about MP-156 design.

Most inertia operated shotguns have the inertia module, with the spring that is compressed when the gun recoils, and expands to cycle the bolt, inside the bolt. This is the optimal solution, as it makes the gun more simple, compact and light – and, apparently, more reliable too. With MP-156, however, Baikal took a different route.

If you look at MP-155 and MP-156 parts lying next to each other, you may have a problem telling which is which. Because Baikal placed the inertia module right where the MP-155 has the gas piston! The logic was to simplify the production. With this approach, IzhMech can use not only the same receiver, stock, trigger assembly and barrels, but also the same bolt, and the same action links, to make both the inertia MP-156 and the gas-operated MP-155.

MP-156 inertia operated autoloading shotgun by Baikal

The inertia module in MP-156 is where gas autos have gas pistons. Photo by the Kalashnikov Magazine

Needless to say, it doesn’t deliver the main advantages of an inertia gun: less weight, fewer parts, and better balance. There’s no free lunch in Newtonian mechanics, and the inertia spring now has to do extra work moving the additional mass of the action link and the inertia module body, with more losses on friction, bending in the action links, and more. The links may drag on other parts of the gun, leading to jams, too.

If I know anything about firearms, this design will never be as  light, simple, and reliable as a conventional inertia-operated shotgun, all other things being equal. On the other hand, there are quite a few Russian gunners who are quite satisfied with their MP-156. I don’t think I’ll ever get one (in fact, last year I was offered an MP-156 for free, and declined the offer, as politely as I could). But you’re free to do with your money what you wish.

Photos (c) the Kalashnikov Magazine.

Russian MP-155 Shotgun in "Profi" grade.
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MP-155 “Profi” Grade

Since 2018 the Baikal MP-155 semiautomatic shotgun is available in the “Profi” grade. The difference from the standard model amounts to a) Ceracote-coated receiver, and b) hand-checkered walnut stock and fore-end. Everything else is your regular MP-155, and even the plastic-tipped fore-end, as far as I know, is now standard for all wood-stocked MP-155.

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“They Don’t Make’m Like That No More!” – endurance tests of Baikal MP-153 and MP-155

“How long will my gun last?” – an important question not just for a shooter on a budget.  Some brands measure estimated service life of their shotguns in thousands of shells the gun will fire. For example, Baikal MP-153 semiauto was guaranteed to last 3,000 Magnum rounds (1050 Bar service pressure), and so is its successor, MP-155. How well do the Russian autoloaders live up to these promises? In the natural course of events, the search for the answer would be long and difficult, as few hunters keep accurate records of shots fired and all hunt under different conditions. To make things faster and somewhat more scientific, some journalists and marketers run endurance tests, with thousands of rounds fired in the course of a few days.

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MP-155 Gets a New Stock.


The Baikal MP-155 semi-auto gets an upgrade, including a new walnut stock made on a brand-new Italian СNC machine. The new design features a thinner pistol grip and fore-end, and is said to be more ergonomically correct.

Other improvements in the updated gun include better recoil pad, new extended magazine cap, and sling swivels.

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Moscow Arms&Hunting 2015 Expo.

There isn’t a Russian writer who hasn’t built a headline on “Pictures at an Exhibition”, title of the famous piano music by Mussorgsky. But this year’s Arms&Hunting Moscow Expo brings to mind another Russian classic – “After the Battle of Prince Igor and the Polovtsy”.

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